Crochet Rose - Step-by-Step Tutorial ( Coming out on June 8th)

In this tutorial, I will show you how to easily crochet roses of all sizes. Depending on the thickness of your wool and the size of your hook, you can create anything from tiny, adorable roses to large and in charge ones.

Since this rose looks truly beautiful in any color, it makes for a simple, yet stunning, addition to so many projects. It can be attached to your hats, act as a touch of flair to your pillows or as decoration for your centerpieces, as I did. 😊

You can use the hook size that is recommended for your wool or any other you feel most comfortable with. There is no right or wrong way of doing this.

This pattern is made from just 3 easy rows. Let’s go through the steps now.

Start with 70 Chain stitches. Make sure you do not tighten them too much, or you will have a hard time working with them.

ROW 1:                                    

DC 1 into the 7th stitch from the hook, *DC 1 + CH 3 + DC 1 into the 4th stitch*. Repeat *-* until the end of the row – total 16 x.

ROW 2:

CH 2, DC 2 + CH 3 + DC 3 into the first “V” Stitch we made in our previous row. (“V” Stitch = DC 1 + CH 3 + DC 1)

* DC 3 + CH 3 + DC 3*: Repeat * – * in every following “V” Stitch in this row         

We are preparing a space for the petal in the next row.

ROW 3:

CH 2, DC 11 into the space in chain 3 from the previous row.

SC into the next 4th stitch (between 3 DC from the previous row)c

*DC 12 into the space of 3 chains from the previous row, SC into the next 4th stitch* (do you also mean “space in chain 3 here?)

Repeat * – * until the end of the row. You should have 17 petals in total.

At the end of the row, Slip Stitch to the last DC of the row.

Cut the wool, but leave about 10-12 inches for fastening your rose.

The crochet portion is done! You should have 17 petals in total.

Now, roll the rose around your finger, remembering to keep the left-over yarn on the bottom. Turn your rose upside down and with the needle sew the rose together.

Secure the end with a couple of knots, cut the wool and voila! You now have your very own beautiful rose! 😊

If you wish to brighten your rose with some twinkling lights, as I did with my white one, it’s just one extra easy step. I purchased basic string lights and interwove the lights the whole length of the rose before I put it all together. Then I used it as a centerpiece for my daughter’s wedding. Something special just for the newlyweds.

Hope you liked my tutorial.