DIY - 3-Year Memory Yournal

Cherish your days and special moments with your own personalized 3-year memory journal. Every year brings much personal growth, but it’s often hard to see when the little day-to-day things get in the way. With a 3-year journal, not only can you look back and reminisce, you can easily compare what you did on each day of the year. It’s creative, fun, and offers a unique glimpse into how your life has changed over time. Now, let’s jump into how to craft your own memory journal!

  • Print out all the pages you will need for every day of the year. I prepared my own design using 28lb paper that I thought would work for a 3 year journal.
  • Separate the pages according to each month and put them together.
  • Fold every page separately and keep every month together.
  • Now, cut 3/8” from the top of your pages (that’s the size that I decided to have, but you can choose whatever size you like best. Just remember to stay consistent)
  • I cut one side at the time so I don’t mess anything up 😊 . It’s easier that way.
  • When you are done cutting the tops of all your pages, you will then cut the sides
  • For the sides, I decided to cut off ½”

Almost there 😊

  • Now, cut the bottom of the pages. I will be cutting off 1 2/8”, but again, you decide what size you like the most.
  • I am using pages from a photo album that I will be inserting into the memory book
  • Clean up the edges
  • Print out small labels that fit your theme, like: “What are your plans for this Month”
  • Cut them out and glue one on each individual page.
  • I decorated my edges with an edge cutter.
  • Measure the size of your book, then cut your photo pages to the proper size.
  • I will use glue tape to keep them together so the pictures stay in place.
  • I decided to destress the edges of the papers
  • Because I have so many pages in one signature, I will be sewing them together first.

·        I decided to make pocket inserts for the back of the journal. You can do the same to add slot to safely stash your treasures. Decorate them to your liking. You do not have to put them in if you don’t wish to have them. (brown pockets at the back of your book).

  • Now it’s time to cut the book covers. I decided to put 2 pieces on each side. You don’t have to do that. My box was a good size, so I took advantage of it and used 2 layers for each side.
  • The sizes that I cut are:

o   4x – 14 x 18

o   3x –   6 x 18

o   1x –   2 x 18 (I took advantage of the box’s crease)

  • If you are using double layer covers, glue them together first
  • Cut the size of your book cover and leave  2.5 cm / 1 inch extra on each side to fold them in. I used self-adhesive paper roll.
  • I like to re-enforce the folds of the cover, and used gray duct tape to do so.
  • Don’t worry if you forget to attach your bookmarks – that’s what I did! I used double sided tape to attach them and then one more layer of self-adhesive paper 😊
  • Next, measure where would you like to have your signatures attached to the cover.
  • I like to sew the signatures together on the sewing machine before I poke holes for my strings
  • Make a template for your signatures, so your holes are in the same place all the time.
  • Mark your signatures and make your holes (repeat 12x for each signature)
  • Add extra pockets to the back and front of your cover
  • Cover the back of your journal covers (we will be painting and decorating the fronts)
  • Paint the covers with Gesso.
  • Make sure to dry everything fully. This is a simple step, but very important.
  • Next, coat the covers with black paint (  I put 2 layers)
  • Make sure to dry fully again
  • Glue all your decorations on (I used my die cuts to craft my decorations, but you can use anything you wish)
  • Let it dry
  • Paint everything with black paint again
  • Let it dry
  • Now, carefully remove the protective tape
  • Put a layer of mod podge on the cover
  • Add protective corners so those pesky edges stay intact.
  • You can pick whatever colored gliding wax you like to coat your cover. I chose silver and gold.
  • Let’s attach our signatures now. I measured 4x length for my journal cover
  • I will be attaching cards to the middle of each signature
  • I decided to distress the edges of the journal with distress ink.
  • For this step, knit a binding for the journal. The journal stays in one piece without anything holding it together, but it would be an option for the future, when it gets fuller 😊
  • Add some tassels for some extra flair, but it’s not necessary.
  • Lastly, enjoy your journal!

Write in your memories, and 365 days later, you’ll be able to compare how life has changed from today and this time last year. Make your 3-year journal your own and enjoy every step of crafting and filling it out.