How to sew face masks under 20 mins with space for a filter, 3 layers, and wiring around the nose!

Hello Everyone,

Let’s explore today how to sew face masks under 20 mins with space for a filter, 3 layers and wiring around the nose for easy breathing, and no glasses fogging!

In 2020, Personal Protective Equipment is a necessity, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be drab. In this video, we will make a beautiful safe, inexpensive, and reusable, face mask for you and your loved ones.

NOTE: These are NOT meant to replace manufactured masks.

– Fold your material inside out and pin it together
– Trace the shape on the material and cut it out
– Make sure you cut out 6 pieces of material – 2 for each layer
– Sew 2 pieces together – repeat 3x
– Take one piece and fold the sides, approximately 1.5’ (Don’t worry if you do a little bit more. More is fine, but don’t fold it too narrow because you will not have enough space to put the filter in)
– Sew the sides
– Now, we will fit all 3 pieces together
– Take the piece you will use as the outside portion
– Turn it right-side up
– Then, take the piece you have sewn the sides to, leave it inside out and place it on the top of your front piece


– Then add the third piece – keep it inside out and place it on top of the two that you already have in your hands
– Align the center of all your pieces and sew them together
– Then, sew the bottom part of the mask (all 3 pieces together)
– Turn the material inside out
– Sew around the top of the mask. This will create a space for inserting a wire for the nose section.
– Zig zag both sides of the material to prevent fraying.
– Then fold the sides and sew with a straight stitch – do it on both sides
– Your sewing is complete!
– Now, insert your small wire – I used basic pipe cleaners. Depending on how you sewed your mask, you will have to test which side your wire will go through.
– And then add your elastic band.


I hope you enjoy this fun, practical and topical project!
Stay safe everyone! xo