Easy Crochet Blanket from Left Over Yarn

A comfy blanket is like a cozy hug for the body, and now you can create one as a gift to yourself, or as a special treat for someone you care about.

At first, this beautiful blanket may look complicated to crochet, but when I show you how easy it is, you will fall in love with this pretty project.

The best part is that you can craft it from all of your left-over yarn! You can either make a blanket of one solid color or a multicolor masterpiece.

The steps will always be the same. 😊


-Skill requirement: DC – Double Crochet, SC-Single Crochet, SL ST – Slip Stitch, Chain Stitch

You can use any yarn of a similar thickness and any hook. I used #5 hook.

– Start with a Slip Knot
– Chain 4

ROW 1:

– Slip Knot into the first chain
– Chain 4, Double Crochet into the small circle you just made.
Chain 1, Double Crochet into the same circle until we have 8 posts in the same spot including the first chain
(You should have 16 stitches around the circle)
– Slip Stitch into space between the first Double Crochet

ROW 2:

– Chain 3. This counts as our first Double Crochet
– Put 6 more Double Crochet into the same space
– We just created the first shell
– Next space – Single Crochet
– Next space – 7 Double Crochet
– Continue all around
– Slip Stitch to the top of our original chain
(You should have 4 shells in this row)

ROW 3:

– Chain 4 from the Slip Stitch (Counts as first Double Crochet)
& Chain 1
– Double Crochet into the back of our last Single Crochet – it’s our very first β€œV” Stitch
– Chain 3 & another β€œV” Stitch in the same space – this will be our first corner
– Chain 5 – skip over the next shell

– Place 2 β€œV” Stitches into the next Single Crochet space
– Chain 5 and slip over the next arch and repeat
– With this row, we will create 4 corners
– Connect with a Slip Stitch into our original chain
– This is the first FRAMEWORK round done

Our blanket is now taking shape!


You only have 2 repeating rows – your Framework Round and your Shell Round.


In each corner, you will always have 2″V” Stitches divided by chain 3. Along the sides, only 1 “V” Stitch in every Single Crochet stitch from your previous row.

Good luck, have fun and don’t forget to share your fantastic project with me when you try them out.

I’d love to see your masterpieces! πŸ™‚

Be Kind and Stay Safe! xo