Small Knitting Projects

A Knitted Dishcloth

Hello dear Friends, In this video,

I will show you how to knit a dishcloth for beginners. This is a fun and easy project for those of you who are just starting your knitting adventure because it only requires the basic knit stitch. With such a repetitive project, you are guaranteed to get lots of practice in and master this stitch. And not only is this project a ton of fun to make, but it’s also a great knickknack to have around the house or a cute homemade gift for someone special.

– Skills Required: Cast on, Knit Stitch, Knit front-back, Knit 2 together

For this project you will need: – Any 100% cotton yarn. For this project, I am using Bernat Handicrafter. – Knitting needles size #4.5mm or US7 (sharper point needles will be easier to start with) – Needle to weave in your ends -Scissors

The pattern: – Cast on 3 – R1: knit each stitch across – Now, we will start increasing our number of stitches – R2: Knit 1, “Knit front-back” KFB- (knit a normal knit stitch. Do not take the old stitch off the left needle. Swing the tip of your needle around to the back loop of the stitch and knit) & knit stitch across until you reach the end of your row.

– We will repeat the R2 pattern until you reach the desired width of your dishcloth. (I usually do 40 stitches wide.)

-When you have your desired width, you will start to decrease your stitches.

– R3: Knit 1, knit 2 together (K2tog), and continue knit stitch across until you get to the end of your row.

– Repeat R3 until you get to 3 stitches on the needle again – Bind off your work *Your project will look a little wonky in the beginning, until it finds its shape. Don’t worry about it. Sometimes, that’s how some great projects start out. I will also show you the difference between cast on increases & decreases on other dishcloths, including the one I like to make with Knit front-back and knit 2 together.

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