Easy Reversible Crochet Blanket

I used red yarn of RED HEART, Crochet hook 5.5mm (it’s asking for #5 crochet hook, but I choose #5.5).

In total, I used 8 units of this yarn, approximately 1.6kg/56 oz (2,660 m/2,910 yards)

This pattern is extremely easy, and a great project for beginners! Although it’s a little time-consuming since you’re handmaking a full blanket, the pattern is quite repetitive, made of the same 8 rows over and over again. Surprise a loved one with a personalized, cozy blanket, or bundle yourself up on a chilly day in a blanket you crocheted with your own hands! And since it’s reversible, it doesn’t matter which side you wrap yourself up with – your blanket will always have a clean, smooth, and gorgeous finish either way!

Now, let’s get crocheting!

First, start with a number of stitches that are a multiplication
of 5. Keep in mind that they must be an odd number (15,25,75, 105,

I decided to start my chain with 205 + 2


Make your first DC into the 4th chain stitch (this will count as your first DC). Then DC in every stitch until the end of the row.

Row 2 – 8

CH 2 (counts as your first DC), DC 4, *CH 1, DC into the second stitch, CH 1, DC into the second stitch, CH 1, DC into the second stitch, then DC 4 (this will give you  a total of 5 in this bunch)*

 – repeat from *-* until the end of the row.


Crochet 7 rows in total following this pattern.

Make sure you match your pattern correctly in each row. Otherwise, your pattern will be noticeably uneven.

Your rows should start and finish with the DC5. That way, you will create a nice edge on each side of the blanket.


CH 2, DC in every stitch of the row. (make sure you will have 205 stitches when you are done this row or the same number of the stitches you started with.)

Do as many rows as you wish, for your blanket to reach your desired size. This step depends solely on how large you want your blanket to turn out. The more rows you stitch, the longer the blanket.

I made 18 sets of rows 1-8. I have a total of 146 rows.

Lastly, clean up your ends and your blanket is done

The size of my blanket is:

180 cm x 210 cm  / 71” x 83, and 30,000 stitches to finish the whole blanket  😊 😊 😊  ****

Now it’s your turn to try your hand at crocheting your very own reversible blanket! It may seem daunting at first to begin such a large project. But remember, once you get a good grasp of these 8 easy steps, just repeat and repeat!

Happy crocheting! 😊