From a Tin Can to a Flower Pot

Are you ready for another exciting mixed media project? This next one that we will explore together is a soup can makeover – turning ordinary soup cans into small flower pots for your little spices or seedlings.

Let your imagination run free and transform a simple can into something beautiful. With no clear vision to begin with as usual, but lots of fun little knick-knacks around the house to tinker with, let’s jump into the steps.

  1. Glue some wrapping paper around the can. You can add however much you want – there’s no restriction or limit.
  2. Paint the paper and your embellishments with white gesso.
  3. Make sure you let it dry properly. If you don’t, the gesso may lift and not hold properly.  
  4. Use acrylic paint to paint the whole can, including any knick-knacks you will be gluing onto it. Make sure you cover each piece entirely. Let it dry completely.
  5. Depending on the coverage and shade you want, add another layer of paint once the first layer is completely dry. I put 2 layers of paint on the can.
  6. With a glue gun, attach any embellishments that you want on your can.
  7. Paint everything once again with black paint. Let it dry fully.
  8. Part of the fun is playing with colors. You can use any color scheme you like to truly make it your own.
  9. I used silver acrylic paint to enhance the look of my embellishments against the black background.
  10. Use a gold gilding wax color to enhance the aging look.
  11. To seal everything in place, spray the whole can with matt clear lacquer or paint everything with Mod Podge.
  12. Now fill it with soil and voila – it’s ready to be a unique home for a new plant!


Most importantly, remember that you don’t need to follow my exact color scheme or can size. Experiment with the colors you love, and use any size of can at your disposal. That’s the beauty of this mixed media project – the sky is the limit for what you can create. So, give it a try and have fun!