Mixed Media Project - Mirror Do-Over - from old to new

If you let your imagination run wild, it will always find the magic in the normal and simple. Take for instance this next project we will explore together – a mirror do-over!

I recently bought a small handmade mirror in a secondhand store. It had a boring brown finish, nothing special, but I liked the cute heart shape and gold flower on the mirror. I knew I could transform it into something beautiful. With no clear vision to begin with, but lots of fun little knick-knacks to tinker with, I jumped into what became a fun creative outlet.

Now, let’s go through the steps that make this simple, brown-framed mirror transform into something quite unique.

  1. Take the mirror apart, but be careful not to damage the frame or mirror in the process.
  2. Paint the wood with white gesso.
  3. Make sure you let it dry properly, otherwise, the gesso will lift and ruin your acrylic paint job.
  4. Add a little spackling paste and use a stamp to create some texture. You can skip this step if you want a smoother, cleaner finish.
  5. With a glue gun, attach any embellishments that you like on the mirror
  6. Paint everything once again with white Gesso. Let it dry fully.
  7. Use acrylic paint to paint the whole piece, including any knick-knacks you’ve glued on. Make sure you cover each piece entirely. Let it dry completely.
  8. Part of the fun is playing with colors. You can use any color scheme you like to truly make it your own. Here, I’m adding a little black paint to make it look darker.
  9. I used silver acrylic paint. Apply a very thin lawyer only.
  10. Use a wax color that matches your creative vision to enhance the look of your embellishments. I am using silver and gold gilding wax to enhance the look and finish my frame.
  11. To seal everything in place, spray the whole piece with matt clear lacquer.
  12. With the fun part done, it’s time to put the mirror back together.

And now you have your very own, brand-new beautiful piece! <3 Although I used a heart-shaped mirror in this video, you can try this crafty project on any shaped mirror or object. Give it a try and have fun!


Music: https://www.bensound.com